I design and develop mobile cross-platform applications with Apache CORDOVA and jQuery Mobile
for the iOS, Android and, Windows phone app stores.

Reach Apple, Android, and Windows phone faster with a single mobile development project

With mobile cross-platform development you can get your native-like application published in the top three app markets faster and at a convenient cost.

Thanks to their ”one development fits all platforms” architecture, hybrid applications maximize your target audience by letting you reach a wider range of devices, users, or clients with a single development project.

Because you don't have to spend time and money building an entire project for each platform, you can reach the iOS App Store, the Android Google Play store, and the Windows Microsoft Store sooner and keep your expenses low.

Mobile cross-platform development is not only an excellent starting point for your app but also the most cost-effective solution for your project.

Key benefits

  • Quicker delivery to stores
  • Accessible development cost
  • Wider target audience with a single project
  • Native like app user experience
  • Easier to maintain

Not so good

  • Not suitable for complex apps like games and design apps

Cross platform development frameworks



I develop cross-platform apps with the Apache CORDOVA framework as the main communication layer between our software and phone features such as accelerometer, camera, compass, contacts, geolocation, network, storage and notification systems (alert, sound, and vibration).

Apache CORDOVA framework is free and open-source and it allows us to create mobile apps using standardized web APIs for many platforms like iOS, Android and Windows Phone, without compromising your app's performance.

As a leading and open source framework, it ensures that your code will be always supported by a large community of developers around the globe.

jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile

I use the jQuery Mobile framework as the presentation layer for hybrid mobile applications.

It allows us to customize the look and feel of your app, and delivers the user experience of a native application.


HTML5 + CSS3 + JavaScript

I build our cross-platform apps by using our favorite flavors: Vanilla javaScript, HTML5 and CSS3.

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