I design and develop PHP and JavaScript Web Applications with Symfony and AngularJS

I develop fast, secure, and scalable web applications to suit your needs.

Our solutions are based on leading frameworks like Symfony and AngularJS.


As full-stack developers, we have the ability to develop both the frontend and the backend of the web application.

I can take charge of the whole development process, or work remotely as part of a larger team.

I develop our backend software with PHP using the open-source framework Symfony.

When it comes to the frontend development we prefer Google's AngularJS framework, but we also have experience working with others such as BackeboneJS, and ReactJS

Web application development frameworks



I specialize in PHP software development with Symfony, the leading PHP framework for building web applications.

It promotes best practices and standardization and provides a vast array of reusable components.

As a very well-documented tool with a large community of developers around the globe, Symfony is the smartest choice for your web app.

Angular JS


AngularJS and AngularJS 2.0 help us work better with the dynamic HTML views of a web application.

They allow us to build more reliable apps and with more readable code faster.


Twitter Bootstrap

I deliver working prototypes faster with the Twitter Bootstrap framework.

It helps us build mobile-first projects that are fully compatible with a large set of devices thanks to its rock-solid responsive grid system.

I use to code using CSS preprocessors like Less or Sass before deploying our precompiled and minified production ready CSS to the project.

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