Helping farmers calculate their seed order and find a dealer

I built this productivity mobile cross-platform application and it’s Symfony web application content manager system for for one of the largest Argentine seed sellers: DonMario Semillas.


Mobile Cross-Platform development

I were in charge of the whole development process:

  • 01 Participated in the UX/UI Design process

  • 02 HTML mockup & JavaScript development with jQuery Mobile Framework

  • 03 Mobile App Building for Android, iOS & Windows phone with Apache CORDOVA Framework

  • 04 Backend & API development with Symfony Framework


Product Recommendation

The app can recommend the best product available for each distinct user.
I use a 3 step process where the user pick a location, a type of weather and a desired grow estimation and the app tells which product is the most appropriate and the best date to grow.


Seeds calculator


Based on user input, the built-in calculator estimates the growth performance using these parameters


  • Type of culture
  • Seed weight
  • Line Padding
  • Grains per spike
  • % Estimated loss


Find a dealer


The app has a built-in reseller directory that helps users find the nearest seed dealer around town.



Marketing Information

Customers can find and share news about the company, its products, videos, and plant diseases and plagues.


Symfony Backend

I build the Backend & HTML services that populates the app contents with SYMFONY.


The administrators can manage all the app information such as:


  • Products
  • Resellers
  • Zones
  • News
  • Plagues and Diseases
  • Videos
  • Contacts