Allowing Spark employees to participate in a photo contest

I developed this hybrid mobile application that let users create photo compositions using the company logo, and send them back to the server to participate in a contest.


Mobile cross-platform development

I developed this hybrid application for iOS, Android and Windows phones with these frameworks and libraries:

  • 01 HTML mockup & JavaScript development with jQuery Mobile Framework

  • 02 Mobile App Building for Android, iOS & Windows phone with Apache CORDOVA Framework

  • 03 Push notifications framework


creating compositions

The main idea of this app is to let users take pictures or select photos from their phones and create compositions with the company logo.




The creation process is as follow:

  • 01 Take a picture o select one from the gallery

  • 02 Choose between two company logo layouts

  • 03 Place the logo somewhere on top of the image

  • 04 Chose a color for the logo and tint the image

  • 05 Add some text and tags to the composition

  • 06 Upload the final composition to the server


Push notifications

The app inform the user about new missions to accomplish using the phones push notification system.

I integrated the Pushwoosh 3rd party framework for handling the cross-platforms notifications.


Mobile App demo

If you want to test the app, you can play right now with the app-demo* on the right.

(*) As an app-demo, some features like camera, gallery and publishing are limited or simulated. The only purpose of this site is to show the global idea about the final app developed. Start the App-Demo