I design and develop e-commerce websites with Woocomerce and Magento

I design and develop responsive online stores

I focus on open-source solutions like Woocommerce and Magento Community.


I offer different e-commerce software development solutions based on leading open-source frameworks to suit your project´s scalability, deadline, and budget.

I implement the payment gateways of your choice and any plugins that your project requires.

As professional software developers, we can also develop custom plugins and integrate your online store with any third-party software API that your project requires.

Our e-commerce solutions are responsive and adapt to all of your customers' devices.

E-commerce development frameworks



As professional developers, we build and develop custom Woocommerce themes and plugins.

Whether you already have a Wordpress website or you’re looking for an affordable but professional online store, Woocommerce is our choice for small and medium sized projects.

If you already own a wordpress website, we can upgrade it and add a fully functional online store.

WooCommerce provides a vast array of professional marketing tools such as promotional codes, smart offers, product color and size handling, and many others.

Magento Comunity

Magento community

Magento is one of the world's leading online store frameworks.

Its free and open-source Community Edition is one of the most reliable and customizable online store solutions.

As Magento developers, we build and develop custom themes and plugins.

I also integrate the gateway method of your choice and build any other custom solution your project requires.

Magento community is our preferred choice for medium to large e-commerce websites.


Twitter Bootstrap

I build our e-commerce websites and online store themes with the world leading HTML5 and CSS3 mockup building framework Twitter Bootstrap.

Bootstrap help us build mobile-first projects faster thanks to its rock solid responsive grid system.

I like to code using CSS preprocessors Less or Sass before deploying our precompiled and minified CSS to the project.

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